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    Patrick Theander

    First time entrepreneur at 18 years. 2 succesful exits before age 25 and a proven track record as an investor.

    • First-mover Entrepreneur

      Grew cloud hosting startup, started at age 18. Exited to London-based PE fund in 2016.

    • Proven Investor

      5 years in venture capital as investor, advisor and board member. 12 years trading stocks and derivatives. 6 years trading crypto.

    • Extensive Network

      Extensive network in emerging spaces; Directly connected to multiple VCs, top-tier CEOs, Founders and elite eSport Athletes.

    • Hands-on Experience

      Worked with M&As, scaling recurring revenue, cloud infrastructure, automation, crypto assets, and more.

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  • Patrick Theander


Paypal, but for Crypto. MoonPay provides a fiat-to-crypto payment infrastructure and NFT checkout, making it easy for apps, websites, wallets, exchanges and NFT marketplaces to offer crypto payments and NFT transactions.

OpenSea, Bitcoin.com, Revolut, Dapper Labs, Rarible and many more rely on MoonPay's services.

MoonPay has hyper-growth and is kickstarting crypto adoption, already processing crypto transactions for more than $2B, since their start in 2019.

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Coinbase, but for alternative assets.
Building a financial institution for alternative assets, allowing you to trade and lend against alternative assets (sports cards, vintage games, watches, equity) as easily as stocks.

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A marketplace for digital gaming assets
Marketplace for trading digital assets such as skins. They leverage themselves on a growing user trend of spending money on digital cosmetics to personalize your in-game profile.

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Making thearpy scaleable and accessible
we.care is on a mission to make therapy accessible and affordable for everyone. Through their specialized, secure, and encrypted online platform thousands of clients get help from authorized psychologists every week. One-to-one sessions are combined with written therapy and evidence-based content and exercises, making effectfull therapy scalable and affordable.

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The fully localized Crypto Exchange Scandinavian crypto exchange in local language, approval from local financial supervisory authority and e.g., integrated with BankID and MitID. Currently has 145.000 active users.

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